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Pastor Grant



In 1997, the Lord added another responsibility to Rev. Curtis Grant’s life. He elevated him to the pastorate of Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Grant willfully and cheerfully gives of himself for the betterment of the parishioners of Zion Hope.


His ministry reaches far beyond the confines of the church into various city churches with his youthful zest and burning desire to share Jesus with the unsaved.


Pastor Grant’s community and ecclesiastical work has been demonstrated with tent revivals, community outreach services at Belle Isle and Friday night youth activities, providing the youth of Zion Hope with a place to have fun, experience the love of Jesus and more important be safe.

With his energetic zeal for teaching the Word of God on a level that a child can comprehend, Bible study at Zion Hope has increased by 150%. Pastor Grant started a morning bible class in order to meet the schedules of those who had a sincere desire for God’s Word. With the Holy Spirit, Pastor Grant is able to captivate the listening audience and paint a picture for a greater understanding of God’s Word. Through Bible study, Pastor Grant has also incorporated group fasting and prayer. Morning Bible study started a program that would feed the hungry spiritually as well as physically. Bible study is not only a learning opportunity for our members and visitors but is an essential part of discipleship as many souls join through our bible study classes.


Pastor Grant has taught and stressed love and the importance of love since he has been pastor of Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church, not love in the worldly sense, where man loves because of what you can do for him, but the kind of love that Jesus exhibits for us. A selfless kind of love that esteems others better than ourselves. Pastor Grant’s goal is for God’s people is to acquire that kind of love one for another.


Pastor Grant has dedicated his life to the Gospel Ministry, the ministering to the needs of the total man. Yes, of all the many wonderful works he has accomplished, he is most content when he is ministering to the needs of people with the Word of God. Jesus once told His disciples, “He that is greatest among you, let him be your servant,” assured that this statement is true, Pastor Grant’s greatness is towering when measured by his service.


Pastor Grant’s Holy Ghost inspired leadership has been the impetus for the institution of ten (10) new ministries to meet the needs of the people God has entrusted to him. Among the new ministries is Minister In-Training program for men and women who have accepted the call from God to teach and preach His Word. Giving of himself unselfishly, pouring into them what God has poured into him on. On December 9, 2007 Pastor Grant was honored to license nine women who had completed the program. He is the first known Baptist minister to license nine women ministers in a single ceremony, to God be the glory.


Last but not least, Pastor Grant is a loving husband to First Lady Marcia Grant, who has taken this walk with him, a kind and loving father to daughter Erica, and sons Marcus, and Joseph.

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